monster buck classic dates January 22-24, 2014

Located in Cabela’s Archery Arena

2016 Results

Located in Cabela’s Archery Arena

Now Three Days!

Thanks To Overton's Archery Center and Hoyt Archery for bringing you the Monster Buck 300 Archery Tournament!

This 3-day Vegas-Style 300 Round Tournament will be held in Topeka Kansas at the Kansas Monster Buck Classic.
Prize drawing for a new Hoyt bow and other prizes!

Amateur Tournament Entry Fee is only $10, and cubs (kids age 8-11) are only $5.
Professional shooter Entry Fee is $50 with an 80% payback. This is a single round event consisting of 10 ends, three arrows per end, for a total of 30 arrows. There will be 2 practice ends at the beginning. There is a two minute time limit for each end and the archer must shoot their assigned targets. If assigned to the upper target, the archer will shoot the upper target for the first five ends, then alternate to shoot the lower target for the remaining five ends, and vice-versa. Shooting distance is 20 yards using the Vegas 3-Spot or One-Spot indoor targets. Cubs shoot at 10 yards.
Shooters may shoot on any day and as often as they like.
If shooting more than once in the same division, the shooter's FIRST score in that division will be their tournament score.
A shooter can shoot and place in more than one division if age and equipment allow them to qualify to shoot in that division.
Shooters must register onsite at least 30 minutes prior to their reserved line time or their reservation may be cancelled. Lanes will be assigned on a first come basis.
Please email or call (785) 832-1654 to make your lane reservations. Please include in the email first and last name(s) of person, age category, telephone number and/or email address and which day and time you would like reservation for. Lane Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail before 4:00 PM on Tuesday, January 24. After 4pm on January 24, reservations must be made in person at the Monster Buck Classic. For tournament questions or additional information please email or call (785) 832-1654 . Thanks, and good shooting!

Lane Times:
Friday; 6pm
Saturday: Noon, 2pm or 4pm
Sunday: 11am or 1pm

(Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Adult Men Freestyle
Adult Men Bowhunter
Adult Women Freestyle
Adult Women Bowhunter
Young Adult Men (age 15-17) Freestyle
Young Adult Women (age 15-17) Freestyle
Youth Male (age 12-14) Freestyle
Youth Male (age 12-14) Bowhunter
Youth Female (age 12-14) Freestyle
Youth Female (age 12-14) Bowhunter
Cub Male (age 8-11) Freestyle
Cub Male (age 8-11) Bowhunter
Cub Female (age 8-11) Freestyle
Cub Female (age 8-11) Bowhunter
Senior Male (age 50+) Freestyle
Senior Female (age 50+) Freestyle

PROFESSIONAL DIVISION (80% cash payback)!

The line captain will make all decisions on scoring questionable arrows, and their decisions are final. All arrows must remain in the target until scoring is completed.
Touching any questionable arrow prior to the completion of scoring shall result in the questionable arrow being scored in the lower scoring area. Witnessed bounce outs and pass through arrows will be re-shot at the end of the round. This is subject to the discretion of the line captain.
There will be two official practice ends consisting of three arrows each.
Scoring area values shall be 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Arrows touching the line shall be in the next higher scoring area. A separate tally of X's will be recorded in the event of ties.
No archer may advance in front of the shooting line during normal shooting periods for ANY reason. Any archer shooting prior to beginning whistle or after whistle signaling end will lose the highest scoring arrow or arrows equaling the number of discrepant arrows shot. Anyone shooting more than three arrows will score the lowest three arrows. A penalty of one point will be assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed number. Shooters are allowed one arrow per spot. If more than one arrow is in a single spot, shooter will lose the highest arrow or arrows in that spot.
In event of equipment failure, verified by the line captain, the archer shall have two ends plus the remainder of the end in which the equipment malfunctioned to make repairs.
Backup bows may be used. The archer shall be given one end (three arrows) for the purpose of re-sighting. Make up arrows will be shot at the end of the round in the presence of the line captain. The occurrence of repair or replacement shall not happen more than once during a round.
When an arrow is dropped while the archer is in the act of shooting, he may shoot another arrow in place of the dropped arrow if the dropped arrow is within ten feet of the shooting line. (A dropped arrow is one which falls while being transferred from the quiver to be knocked on the string; or in preparation of the shot; or falls from the string during a controlled letdown.)
Any archer who purposely disfigures a target face for any reason may be disqualified.
Any archer conducting himself in an unsportsmanlike manner shall be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.
The use of spotting scopes will be permitted both on and off the shooting line. However, on-line scopes will be restricted to small hand held scopes. Archers will not be allowed to step on and off the line for the purpose of using spotting scopes. No verbal communications will be allowed.
Bowhunter Freestyle competitors may NOT adjust their pin sights during a round.
Ties will be decided by; (1) Archer with the greatest number of X's; then, (2) the greatest number of 10's; then (3) the greatest number of 9's. If a tie still exists, then contestants will be declared tied, and equal awards will be given or prize money for the combined total of the contestants will be divided equally.

No Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the range area.
Any rules not covered above shall be referred to the Tournament Committee.
Any grievances must be presented in writing to the Tournament Committee.
Any items not covered above shall be governed by the official NFAA rulebook.
To download a PDF containing the complete NFAA rules, documents-forms/

For Specific questions on the tournament contact:
Jon Overton (785)832-1654 or

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