monster buck classic dates January 22-24, 2014
King of Kansas Monster Bucks

We are proud to highlight the accomplishments of the Kansas deer hunter that harvests the largest Typical and Non-Typical whitetail by the b Boone & Crockett scoring system that has ever come through the Monster Buck Classic and crown them the King of Kansas. They remain the King until another Kansas deer hunter brings a buck into the Monster Buck Classic that outscores the reigning King of Kansas buck. We had the pleasure of making history in January of 2012 when we crowned our first ever King of Kansas bucks. They were both Monsters and had great stories behind each of them. They are forever in the Monster Buck Classic history books!

Both of these Monster Bucks and our former King of Kansas bucks will be on display at this year’s event so please stop by and take a close look at these spectacular animals. ARE YOU NEXT?

Elite status is the best way to describe having your name and buck etched into the King of Kansas hall of fame. America eagerly watch Kansas each year to see what the rich whitetail state will produce. It has been quoted by Mike Handley of Buckmasters Trophy Records that asking “Does Kansas have monste bucks is like asking if the Waffle House sells waffles”. It is no secret that Kansas is known for Monster whitetails and the rest of America wants to see them. This is our way of paying tribute to those Monster Bucks that fall to the Kansas deer hunter.

Kansas Buck